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About Us


We are Jasper and Naomi. Jasper is 30 years old an a bike mechanic. Naomi is 24 years old and a social worker. We live in Ghent (Belgium)

We met each other exactly three years ago on a construction site of a good friend’s house. While Naomi was ripping of the wallpaper, Jasper was installing electrical wiring. Sparks were flying and only a few dates later we realized we were a really good match!

In the summer of 2017 we got a huge gift from a friend. A tandem bike! We went on a holiday with it and cycled two weeks across Germany and Luxembourg . Oh and by the way, this tandem was purple!

On that trip we noticed that we do not only love riding but we also loved the aspect of travelling by bike. Once back home the dream to make a world trip together by bike started to take shape.


Exactly one year ago the dream became real. Canada, South-America, Australia, Central-Asia.. Those were only a few places on our bucket list. But one thing was very clear from the start. We want to see mountains! We want to stand on the rooftop of the world! The Pamir Highway in Tajikistan!

So the planning started.  


Mapping out routes, collecting our gear, gathering information about the countries we will be crossing and step by step our dream was coming closer and closer.

Today, we finally started our journey and we would like to share our experiences with you.


So please, join us!

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